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In 2023, the grind mentality is inseparable from being an artist, and ascending DJ and producer, Thomas Garcia, understands this fact better than most. Not because of his extensive release catalog which includes tracks on Club Bad, Space Yacht, Muira Records, Elrow, and Insomniac Records among others. It's not because of his impressive set of gigs at festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Nocturnal Wonderland, either. Thomas Garcia knows what it means to hustle because he knows what it means to give up; to hit rock bottom and pull himself up higher than he ever thought possible.


After falling in love with music from a very young age, playing viola, writing music on guitar, seeing Daft Punk live in 2007, and becoming a raver, the woes of pursuing music became too much for Garcia. Despite the fact that it was all he wanted to do, he couldn't handle the
uncertainty of being an artist and he drowned his disappointment in alcohol.


"Five years and a thousand beers later" as Garcia says in his own words, he was just another alcoholic going through a four-year college. That was the lowest point in his life, and it was from there he started on the path to self-improvement. He got a job, he got sober, and the only vice he had left was creating. He could remember the love he felt from playing guitar and viola when he was young; the love of expressing his pure self. That love has kept Garcia sober to this day, and with that love, he's developed an energetic yet moody sound that reflects his honest journey as an artist. His music is for the dancer, but it's also for the thinker. Deep grooves, minimal melodies, seething pads. Layers of rhythms overlapping one another into a form that feels simple but is truly complex.


Such tracks that best embody this sonic aesthetic like “El Baile De Mia” and “El Carpintero”— both releases on Melé’s label Club Bad— have become global favorites. Together they have received massive support from some of the most famous radio stations including BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, and Defected Radio while major players in house and techno like Jamie Jones, Cloonee, and Paco Osuna play Garcia’s music to audiences all over the circuit. House music is dance music; party music played in environments that are intended to be celebratory and joyous. But many people attend those parties because inside, something is bringing them down, and they want an escape. Thomas Garcia knows how that feels better than most, and he's here to help you through it.

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