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Stacey Pullen is a pioneering force in the Second Wave of Detroit techno, mentored by the city's iconic trio—Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson. As a world-renowned DJ and producer, he continues to shape the electronic music landscape with his characteristic atmospheric sound, defying predictability and embodying his lifelong commitment to innovation.


Stacey's musical journey began at age 9 with the flute in school bands, setting the stage for a lifelong connection to music. Inspired by the mid-1980s Detroit Techno movement and influenced by luminaries like Jeff Mills and Chicago DJs, he, along with friends, experimented with turntables, laying the foundation for his illustrious DJ career. From his debut gig in 1985, Stacey recognized the challenges and rewards of DJing, marking the start of his impactful trajectory.


Returning to Detroit after a brief university stint, Stacey immersed himself in the city's underground scene, learning from legends like Derrick May and refining his skills. A pivotal moment came in 1992 when Derrick May suggested a collaboration with Kevin Saunderson on remixes. This marked a turning point, propelling Stacey to the forefront of the techno community. The release of his first track in 1993 solidified his status as an innovative and influential figure in the techno landscape.

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